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EA0043(1 dozen) -26%
EA0043R(1 dozen) -17%
EA0045(1 dozen) -26%
EA0057C (1 dozen) -25%
EA0070 (1 dozen) -20%
EA0074C (1 dozen) -50%
EA0075C (1 dozen) -40%
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EA0104 (1 dozen) -50%
EA0119(1 dozen) -8%
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Welcome to Eason Eyewear Inc

Welcome to Eason Eyewear Inc. -- Your source for Wholesale Sunglasses and More!

Eason Eyewear is a brand new brand/company established in 2014 in NYC, but with 30+ years of experiences  manufacturing sunglasses, reading glasses and frames in China, our team is so professional! 

Eason Eyewear, doing wholesale sunglasses, wholesale reading glasses, wholesale frames as well as fashion accessories, will be the best choice for you!

We offer a great selection of sunglasses with excellent quality, trendy designs, and unbeatable prices. Located in fashion center New York City  area, Eason Eyewear is one of the top distributors of sunglasses over the states. See what we have! Our merchandise consist of fashion sunglasses, sports sunglasses, kids sunglasses, reading glasses, polarized lens sunglasses, sunglasses displays and other accessories. All our sunglasses are made of polycarbonate lenses which are impact resistant and have UV400 protection which blocks 100% UVA&UVB rays. Our sunglasses are available through multiple channels including but not limit to wholesale stores, boutique, gift shop, convenience stores, special chain stores, department stores, fairs, retails, 99cents stores, gas stations and also online retailers- both domestically and internationally. You can either place orders online, through phone calls or come to our store. We don't have a minimum, and we take cash as well as credit card (including Visa, MasterCard and American Express), at your convenience!

Also, with over thirty years of experience and large quantities of fashion sunglasses and accessories in stock, we are proud to offer a wide array of services, customized to fulfill your needs. Our specialties include, but are not limited to: custom design service with our innovative design staff, the provision of special orders to accommodate your needs, and private label service for those who seek exclusivity.

You can either come and pick the products in store, or we do delivery by UPS throughout the States as well as international shipping to Mexico or Canada. Details of shipping information can be found on "Shipping Information" on the left top of the Home Page.

Wholesale Sunglasses ordering without any hassle from Eason Eyewear Inc. Even the photos are taken care of. Buy sunglasses in just 3s and save money by spending more in one go. Selling on eBay or Amazon even on your own website, you can make money very quickly and using our quick and easy system you can be earning a nice living in just days.

New products will be renewed online every month, always remember toi check "New Arrivals", you'll find what you want!

We have our own registered brand "EYE", make a unique style of the sunglasses!

We value our customers and always maintain high product quality. With every effort to satisfy our customers, Eason Eyewear offers not only top products, but also superior customer service. Our staff always response to customer's request promptly and always try to resolve the problems quickly. Unlike most of other wholesale distributors, we do returns! Check out the return policy, for the most of your satisfaction! Also, our web site is a certified secure site and we value our customer's privacy.   All stuff of Eason Eyewear here, professional, responsible and passionate, are sincerely waiting for you! We'll try our best to satisfy your needs!